How to choose your internship abroad of BTS SAM ! Currently, you are looking for an internship, you were told that the best was an internship abroad in order to practice another foreign language properly. Very good! And there, little lucky because the privileged missions to validate your year are quite developed in all countries. Now all you have to do is choose YOUR destination.

We will advise you to practice English during your internship:

Despite a small accent, this is the English-speaking country par excellence where companies are merging: you will have no difficulty in finding an internship in the Sales, Marketing, HR sector. You will be able to enjoy the surroundings without any difficulty, transport is well developed and accessible: nature, pubs and culture are all yours. And of course, you will meet new people: Irish, French, Spanish, Brazilians… The country is very cosmopolitan and that’s for your greatest pleasure.

The Baltic States
Here you will be pleasantly surprised, English is GOOD. These are countries in full economic and touristic development. That is to say that, regarding your internship missions, at HI we are sure that we will find what suits you best: You will be able to enrich yourself professionally as a Marketing Assistant – HR – International Relations – Logistics. The cost of living is relatively cheaper than in other European countries and you will be able to move easily to neighbouring countries. There is a strong Erasmus community, so to drink cheap mojitos you will never be alone! During your time off, don’t forget to visit these countries which are full of history, especially Latvia where you will be amazed!

If you want to practise a Latin language in addition to English, we recommend you to do so:

In Spain
Of course, you won’t be surprised: In Spain you can choose between destinations according to your preferences: near the sea or in the big cities. Culture, sunshine, a young and trendy cosmopolitan atmosphere: you will be redecorated. In Spain, your level of Spanish must be correct before you leave, and yes, their level of English is not too bad. You’ll tell me: it’s the same in France. At HI, we are convinced that an internship in an international company in Barcelona, Madrid or Andalusia makes you dream more and, there we assure you that you will become the management pro!

In Portugal
Here you can combine beach, internship and culture. If you were planning to get into surfing, now is clearly the time! In Portugal, the prices are affordable, you eat at the restaurant, you drink, you go out x1000 and your account is not in the red. You will be able to enjoy your weekends visiting beautiful regions such as the Algarve: a region in the south of Portugal where the nightlife is exceptional, the very dynamic Lisbon region, the Sintra region which combines nature and ocean and the historically very rich region of Porto, will surprise you from all sides. In addition to having validated your year with an internship abroad in Portugal, you will return to France with an excellent level of English, a solid base of Portuguese and a good small network.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about these destinations to prepare your future internship abroad!

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