How to visit cheap countries during an internship abroad?

Going to do your internship abroad is an opportunity to visit the country and enrich your culture. But often the problem is the cost that all this generates: visits, transport, catering, housing, 1 drink, 2, 3 … (yes yes, we know that). There are many countries where you can do your internship and do some sightseeing, easy money.

Internship in Estonia

Northern European countries along the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, Estonia is a border country with Latvia. During your internship, you will be able to visit your new country without stressing : the cost of the life is 35% lower than in France (the pint is at 2.5 € !!!). And during your weekends you will be able to escape to border countries like Latvia. A beautiful coastline, preserved natural areas and rich heritage cities without forgetting the must: Riga, the capital.

Internship in Austria

Austria is a country surrounded by 8 countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic. Lot of countries to visit for your adventure during your weekends. The cheapest countries: Hungary and its capital Budapest, endowed with an incredible architectural interest! The Czech Republic and its “Magic Capital of Europe”, a fascinating cultural wealth. And we drink, the best beer in Europe!

Internship in Slovenia

Slovenia is surrounded by 4 countries: Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. The opportunity to stroll on the beaches of Italy, to taste good pizzas and to discover Rome, Florence or see the famous Pize Tower. If you are passionate about history, go in Croatia. A trip to Croatia is a journey to the crossing of Slavic, Austrian, Mediterranean and Oriental influences, between the Adriatic Sea, its coastline and its islands and the Dinarides mountains. Its capital Zagreb is distinguished by its high medieval town and its many museums. If you want to go along the coast, Dubrovnik is a fortified city which its huge walls date back to the 16th century.

In conclusion, do an internship abroad is: a huge + on your resume, the opportunity to go sightseeing and especially spend “almost” nothing! Convinced? Let’s contact us !