Humanitarian internship in America : muy buena idea ! If you fall here, it’s probably because you have your internship to do very soon, am I wrong? Just between us… if you came here to learn about the United States, I’m obliged to tell you that you’re in the wrong place, little leprechaun?

BUT if you’re here for Colombia or Mexico, you’re in the right place and the HI team is here to find you THE internship abroad that will suit you!

Improve your Spanish
I bet when you hear “South America” you think of the Latin mad dances, Shakira or the drugs with the famous and popular Pablo Escobar? Well, you should know that it starts with knowing how to speak Spanish, right? Don’t panic, it’s thanks to this internship that you’ll become a real pro in Spanish and all that in addition to saving lives, which is great to brag about to your friends and family, isn’t it?

A big plus for your CV
When you apply for a job or even for an internship, you have often been told that only diplomas are decisive for a choice of profiles blah blah blah blah… But don’t rely only on that, experiences are the most motivating and significant thing and even more so if they are humanitarian given the qualities used during them.

Enrich your culture and broaden your horizons
“When you set foot in Mexico or Colombia, this is what you’ll tell yourself when you set foot in Mexico or Colombia, to enrich your experiences and open your curiosity to new cultures. Over there, you’ll help humanity but you’ll also adapt to their way of life, it’s great (you can compare it to ours, which is probably much less festive, let’s face it)?

So, ready to pack your bags? Come and join us, we’ll help you prepare everything!

If you want to read more about humanitarian projects, it’s there 😉