Humanitarian internship in Asia! Certainly when you think of China you think of the world’s leading economic power, South Korea which is doing very well with Samsung and Thailand with its mass tourism, you don’t think of these destinations for a humanitarian internship. But at HI we assure you that these countries are – also! – in need of volunteers for a humanitarian internship in Asia.

If your kiff is turtles and pandas, then this is the place for an eco-volunteer internship!
In addition to leaving in an idyllic environment, you will be able to do your good deed by acting for the ecology. Thailand offers you the possibility to act on the protection of corals and turtles, to supervise tourism, to preserve its magnificent beaches and sea beds from negligent tourists. Saving the pandas, it’s sure that it speaks to you and we encourage you to go to China to do a humanitarian internship with these little beauties.

If you’re not in education anymore, go to China.
At HI we advise you to go to China. And yes, in reality in China a major part (only 200 million people…) of the country doesn’t have the right conditions to succeed in life. In rural cities, children often find themselves alone because their parents have to go to work in urban areas and usually take refuge in video games. To top it all off, obesity is becoming a scourge in this country. So, if education and helping your fellow man are your key words, there are futures out there that need you!

If you’re in business, Asia is for you.
In Asia you can contribute to the development of schools, orphanages or contribute to business projects. These are countries in full expansion, where you can easily feel useful and show your generosity. Moreover, the setting is rather nice, you will be able to discover different cultures, meet nice and interesting people who will allow you to enrich yourself personally and professionally, it’s all good for you!

If you’re ready to live a unique experience, contribute in your own way to the protection of the environment or help the less fortunate click here, we’ll be happy to accompany you in this wonderful project! Contact us for more information!

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