Would you like to organise a humanitarian trip for a group of students? To bring them a beneficial international experience? This international experience will allow them to discover the country, to acquire new skills, and above all to benefit from a human experience in international solidarity.

Humanitarian stay for a group of students
You have an arranged time in your schedule, but you don’t know where to send your young people. We recommend an international experience for your students! Enriching in every way, this type of experience opens the minds of young people and the stakes are many: confronting yourself and others, understanding the economic issues of the country, progress in languages, the immersive side and the mix of cultures, exchange, and other aspects that you will have time to discover on the spot. Whether it is a humanitarian stay in Mali, Senegal, Zambia … we take care of organizing everything for you, according to your wishes and requirements.

Why a humanitarian stay in Africa, rather than in Europe or Asia?
Clichés still have a hard time: you don’t need to change continents to show international solidarity. Go to Bulgaria, Macedonia: children travel in donkey carts to collect rubbish in the cities. And I’m telling you about this: I’ve only been to the capitals or big cities.

No, we have chosen to offer our humanitarian or international solidarity trips only in Africa to overcome the clichés about the red container! Because, for us Europeans, Africa is still too often synonymous with civil wars, poverty and the animals of the Lion King. And what a shame: Mali is a country known and recognised for its many artists on the music scene, Zambia for its incredible conservation of natural spaces and Senegal for its economic development, but also for its writers. Doing a humanitarian trip to Africa with International Horizons is not going to satisfy our European ego: no, doing a humanitarian trip with our agency means learning, meeting people and cultivating yourself.

Whether it’s a humanitarian trip for a group of students, or an internship in Africa, we offer your students the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. If you would like more information, please contact us! 🙂

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