Hungary in winter. The cold, the grayness. Yes, but the party too! This country doesn’t make you dream, you would have preferred to go to a warm country during your winter internship. But you must do your internship in Europe. Or you simply want to discover this unknown country during your internship abroad. Hungary, Europe’s winter holiday destination, will change your mind.

Come and celebrate Christmas in Hungary!

Then why not Hungary for your internship abroad? Not the warmest European country in winter, but perhaps the most festive! How about it?

If you like festivals, you will be served!

From November to December, take advantage of your internship in Hungary to discover the winter festival in Györ which will transport you into the magic of Christmas, with its market and its many illuminations.

From October to May come and dive and party in the festive baths of Budapest. World-famous Budapest’s world-famous terms offer you the chance to enjoy their 33-degree water for a night.

In an original and offbeat atmosphere, the buso carnival in Mohacs will light up the dark Hungarian streets in a detonating parade. Decorated with masks made of goat horns, the monsters of the Busos Carnival will immerse you in a grotesque and amazing universe. Classified as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, this parade lasts six days and begins on the Thursday before Shrove Tuesday.

The Christmas holidays are very important for the Hungarians, who like to multiply Christmas markets. If you decide to stay with a local during your internship in Hungary you will have the opportunity to experience a unique Hungarian Christmas.

This article has convinced you and you would like to do your internship in Europe in Hungary. If you are not afraid of the cold, contact us and we will help you to find an internship in Hungary that suits your needs.

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