I am in Cyprus, where do I travel during my internship abroad? You have finally found your internship abroad and you are starting to wonder what you will discover during it, don’t worry, this page is made for you. You have chosen Cyprus for the warmth, or for the Cypriot culture, in both cases you will find what you are looking for. Here are the good plans and things not to be missed!

Let’s start with the capital:

Nicosia, a city with two faces: The Cypriot capital divided between a Greek part in the North and a Turkish part in the South offers you a diversity of architectural styles. Today, Nicosia integrates its brilliant historical past with the hectic activity of a modern city.

Do you want to have fun? I have something for you

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, with its proximity to cities such as Nicosia or Larnaca. It enjoys an ideal climate, with 330 days of sunshine per year and water that does not go below 20°C. Limassol is the ideal place to have fun with its many lively terraces, and especially with traditional music and folk dancing. Limassol also makes it possible with its excursions to visit archaeological sites or even the Troodos massif. This city with more than 230,000 inhabitants is home to many hotel complexes, so don’t worry, I promise you won’t sleep outside.

Feel like a change of scenery? Turkey, more than a good plan.

1h30 of ferries and here you are already in Turkey, Alanya, Mersin, Adana, with these three big Turkish cities, you will be able to make a good small tour of the Turkish culture and its splendid landscapes. These cities are not only beautiful but also interesting from a budget point of view (so you will be able to enjoy Turkey without being ruined, isn’t it great ?). And don’t worry, the Turks are very welcoming by nature.

A bit of tourism doesn’t hurt, right? Discover the city of Larnaca

This city is one of the tourist poles of Cyprus. With its airport, train station, pharmacies and hospital, I promise you will not lack anything. You will also be able to visit its port. Its turquoise water and beautiful beaches make many travelers dream, so why not make them jealous.

I have given you all the information you need to make your trip unforgettable for a long time. All you need now is your internship to find? That’s good we’re here!