I am in Finland: where do I travel during my internship abroad? Sit quietly in front of your screen and let yourself be guided. There’s a good plan here: Finland, I tested for 6 months, I can tell you about it for hours. And, luckily : travelling from Finland doesn’t cost much ! Since your internship in Finland, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself.

Discover Finland
Yes, Finland already: travel is free when you’re a student. Like for about 20 euros you can go anywhere you want in the country. So, before you go out, think about doing everything in Finland: the Swedish border with the lake region, Lapland in winter – no interest in summer -, the expanses of forest around Mikkeli, the former capital under the Swedish Empire, Turku. In short, in Finland, you have plenty to keep you busy for a long time. But, I agree, if you’re going to be away, you might as well make the most of your travels!

Discover Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia…
You take a little week, do all three, that’s my first piece of advice. The best is to take a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn: you can get it for about 20 euros. It takes two days to enjoy the old Tallinn, it’s really beautiful. Then, take a bus for 10 euros and go to Riga in Latvia: I’m not going to spoil you, but it’s my favourite! The architecture is … crazy. You stay two or three days, then you take a bus back to Vilnius this time! So be careful, even on the bus, don’t forget your identity papers, the controls are legion, I’ve been there every time for the moment.

Discover Sweden
Whether it’s Gothenburg or Stockholm: both cities are to be done. Gothenburg is very student oriented, colourful and is the perfect place to party on the weekends. On the cultural side, of course, capitals are always one step ahead, and Stockholm is a beautiful capital. It’s very soft, the people are helpful, a bit like in Copenhagen. And you can also go out at night no worries. But, note however that the Nordic capitals, are relatively quiet on the party side. Like Vilnius, the summer, at 1 am it’s over except for the nightclubs.

Discover Poland
Anissa, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, I’m not a big Warsaw fan. But I love your mom’s city, Krakow ! And from Finland, it’s Gdansk you’ll reach by ferry anyway, and take well 3 days to get there. The city is sumptuous, festive. You will meet, as in Tallinn, a lot of Finns who came to do their shopping for the weekend, to stock up on cigarettes or alcohol. Because yes, Finland costs an arm, a biopsy and 3 lungs.

Discover Russia
And without a visa bro. Absolutely, you have ferries to St. Petersburg, and as an EU citizen you can enjoy the city for 3 days. This is of course insufficient. But, I can’t talk about it any more, I refuse to go to Russia *Human Rights* and nobody from the team has been there yet. But, at least you know the possibility exists!

Anyway, during your internship in Finland, it’s easy and cheap to travel ! I’m in Finland: where to travel during my internship abroad? Now you have your answer bro, all you have to do is to find an internship in Finland, and for that, contact us!

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