I’m doing an internship in Greece, what can I do, and where can I travel in my free time? This is indeed one of the questions you may ask yourself once you are here. Don’t worry, International Horizons has put together a short list of activities and places to visit during your internship in Greece.


Rhodes is a large archipelago, on the one hand known and quoted for its seaside resorts, on the other hand for its mythical history during antiquity and the Middle Ages. Indeed, the island still bears the vestiges of this history with its medieval city and traces of ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and the Ottomans. As far as tourism is concerned, Rhodes offers a paradisiacal setting ideal for relaxing in the sun or for taking photos, that’s up to you. To get there it’s easy, you can fly from Athens for a 1 hour flight, there are about 20 flights a day. But you can also get there by sea, as a ferry will take you there for 20€, but it will take you about 15 hours.

Western Turkey

From Greece you can easily access western Turkey. This is an interesting choice as you will not need a visa to enter. Western Turkey, including the legendary city of Izmir. Along the Aegean Sea, you can visit many cities, and do a lot of activities on the coast. You can get there by plane or by boat.

Southern Italy

This time we go to the other side, to the East of Greece. As you can see from the title, we are talking about the heel of the Italian boot. Only a few kilometres from the Greek coast? You can visit the city of Lecce or Otranto, part of the city of Puglia.

Bulgaria, by plane, car or bus 

For the last destination from Greece, there is no need to go by sea. Head to southern Bulgaria and you can visit landscapes in a totally different setting. Indeed, Bulgaria has a different heritage and culture than Greece. As nice cities, you can visit Kavala a coastal city or Plovdiv and Sofia which are two big Bulgarian cities not far from the Greek border. The best way to get there is by plane, in terms of cost and travel time.

I am in Greece, where to travel during my internship abroad: you know some nice destinations! Contact us for your internship abroad in Greece.