I am in Italy, where do I travel during my internship abroad? And this is a very good question if you do your internship in Italy, you will have no choice: you will have to travel and discover the beautiful places scattered around Italy! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Rome, of course

Rome is a real open-air museum. Rome is both a modern capital and a city full of historical monuments, and you will have to include it in your travels if you do your internship in Italy. The city has no less than 700 fountains and churches, proof of an exceptional wealth of heritage. Nicknamed the eternal city, it is the cradle of our civilization.

Lecce, Puglia

The discovery of Puglia remains a must if you do your internship in Italy. The city of Lecce is sometimes called the “Florence of the South”, with its stone constructions that blend into the landscape. The Basilica di Santa Croce, a baroque church of the 17th century, is worth a visit, as well as the cathedral and the flea market. The Apulia region in general is breathtaking with its whitewashed roofs and olive groves around the country houses.

Florence and Tuscany

For having been there, Florence gathers all that is most beautiful in Italy. The Boboli Gardens, the Ponte Vecchio, from where you can admire the magnificent sunset over the river while eating a home-made ice cream. In Florence you will find the greatest concentration of early Italian Renaissance art. Lose yourself in the cool and typical little streets in the middle of the evening and eat a slice of pizza without having to spend 50 bucks.

Verona, a city of love

Verona has remained very medieval, but is still the city of Romeo and Juliet! You can visit Juliet’s house with the false balcony and titillate her breasts … Also the Scaligere Arch, Piazza delle Erbe, the Castelvecchio, a fortified castle housing several Venetian and Veronese works. In short, like all Italian cities, a unique architectural diversity.

We loved Italy and we’ve been there so many times that we can only recommend it to you! We haven’t mentioned Naples, Venice, Sardinia or Sicily, but don’t doubt it: if you call us, we’ll know how to make you want it! So for your internship in Italy: contact us!