I am in Latvia, where can I travel during my internship abroad? In addition to discovering the country, it is also the opportunity to go and discover the neighbourhood and multiple cultures. Latvia is in itself a very beautiful country, with a very particular architecture, especially Riga, but there are still a lot of cities to do if you have only visited the capital. 


One of the largest cities in Latvia, located opposite Riga, has a lot to offer. First of all, the walled city with its imposing fortresses and museum is a must. But Daugavpils also has a nice and lively nightlife, in summer as well as in winter, the Latvians enjoy the terraces at least as much as we do in Nantes (yeah, we’re from Nantes the Srabs). There are regular lines between the big cities, so no need to worry about getting there. 

Lithuania in the South

Another Baltic country, Lithuania is very different from Latvia. Indeed, despite the similar arrival in the European Union, Lithuania took more time to get rid of the former USSR; until not so long ago all the key positions of the country were held by former USSR, but, for the last ten years, Lithuania has been renovating itself and its politics and the country has really transformed itself. Ten years ago, I would have advised you to flee, it was unbearable but I’ve been back twice since then: hot. The people are very chill, it’s quiet, except in the evening: the Europeans, their biggest common point is certainly their love of beer and nightlife 😉

Estonia in the North

Another Baltic country, Estonia is the opposite of the first two. Estonia, and especially its capital, Tallinn, is medieval. The country offers some very nice national parks for hiking enthusiasts, and in addition to the capital, Tartu, further east, is also one of the country’s major cities. 

Minsk, by car or bus 

Not so far away: might as well enjoy it. I haven’t had the pleasure yet to do Minsk, but it will surely be still very nice to do post war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and not give credit to a war that neither Ukrainians, Russians nor anyone else deserves. Wine lovers: make a note of it, because Belarus makes excellent wine.

I am in Latvia, where to travel during my internship abroad: now you have the answer! Contact us for your internship abroad in Latvia.