I am in Thailand: where to travel during my internship abroad? Kikoulol to all and sundry. First of all, we can ask ourselves the question of why. Why move when you do your internship in Thailand? But let’s say you have travelled around Thailand on your weekends during your internship abroad – Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Co… No worries, you want to move out of Thailand. GO!

1° Where to travel during my internship abroad? — Malaysia – GO!
Capital of Malaysia, and famous for its two high twin towers, Kuala Lumpur is an architectural slap in the face. And if you ever want to kiffer, the beaches are not very far, and Malaysia has nothing to envy to Thailand!

2° Where to travel during my internship abroad? — Taiwan – GO!
Capital of Art in Asia, Taiwan is a little wonder. If you only have a weekend at your disposal, go to Taipei. Change of atmosphere: if the city is roughly as big as Bangkok, the streets and the culture have nothing to do with it. Get lost in the streets, look up at the skyscrapers, taste the local food (go to the markets!). You don’t speak Mandarin? Don’t worry, most people speak English here (and if you want to do an internship in Taiwan, it’s this way).

3° Where to travel during my internship abroad? — Philippines – GO!
If you do your internship in Chiang Mai for example, you might be happy to spend a few days by the sea. And what’s better than moving to the Philippines? Lush nature, turquoise waterfalls, white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, palm trees of all kinds… And all this for a ridiculously low price.

4° Where to travel during my internship abroad? — South Korea – GO!
Is Seoul giving you an eye? Korean K-pop culture, karaoke and manga, that speaks to you? Go to Seoul, and have a good (big) weekend to discover the capital! Far from the Thai culture, here, everything goes very fast, you shouldn’t be afraid of the crowd baths. And if you want to spend more than a weekend there, and why not do your internship in South Korea, contact us here!

From Bangkok, it’s very easy to move in Asia. Plus, plane tickets to travel in Asia cost nothing – or almost nothing. A good reason to go abroad during your internship!

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