I am in Tunisia: Where to travel during my internship abroad? You want to book a weekend to discover other horizons? Whether internally or externally, there are a few cheap and fun trips you can take to explore the world and its riches.

Internally, Tunisia and its cities 

Sfax, Monastir, Sousse, Tunis: so many cities to discover during your internship abroad in Tunisia. Sfax, for its fish market, its medina or its great mosque and discover the capital of olive oil. Sousse for the Dar Essid museum, or its Cashbah. Tunis, the timeless capital, or Monastir and its authentic streets. Anyway, not too much spoilers ?

Go for Italy

Because yes, Palermo, Catania … Sicily is within reach! If you want to spend a nice weekend enjoying arancini, pizze or an excellent Ugo on the terrace, just take the ferry and it’s possible. It is for this proximity that many Sicilians had, at the time, immigrated to Tunisia, then to France during the period of decolonization. 

Go for Malta

How about a party to unwind? In a paradisiacal setting, Malta offers you the opportunity to party. Paceville and its numerous bars, Valletta and its chill atmosphere or Rabat to follow in the footsteps of Ned Stark… Everything is possible in this archipelago country!

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