I am on an internship in Mauritius, where do I travel during my internship abroad? Let’s face it: you’re going to be quite limited! Internal flights in Africa are not so excessive, but Mauritius is relatively far from other countries! However, a selection of 5 countries, at less than 200€ return, whether by boat, or by plane: while being on an internship abroad on the other side of the world, you might as well take advantage of it to visit the region as much as possible.

Reunion Island

A return to France during your internship abroad! But extra-metropolitan France: and Reunion Island, you’re going to love it! Sun, beaches, rum, volcanoes and good mood! Reunion Island is the Chill Island par excellence: the people are cool, life is sweet. Beware of the season though, to make the most of the visits and explore the python. Reunion Island is also the opportunity to discover a very varied underwater fauna and flora!


The largest island in Africa: an incredible country, but we recommend you to be careful in the evening. Moreover, you can find all the recommendations on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any country. Madagascar is a relatively poor island, the cost on the spot will be very low: and it’s worth it, the country is splendid!


Still in France! Mayotte is a splendid island: lush nature, this island is perfect for lovers of scuba diving and water sports. Mayotte is one of the poorest regions in France, while the cost of living on the island is relatively high. Despite this, Mayotte is interesting and leaves only good memories!

South Africa

Depending on the city or cities you choose, it will be radically different! The country has three capitals, each as different as the next. South Africa is also a surfer’s paradise in Africa, with world-famous surfing spots. It is also the country of national parks to kiffer with a good photo safari! The country is relatively safe except for some neighbourhoods. It is the favorite country of Néné in the team ;p


Two things to avoid: taking the boat to avoid pirates, and absolutely avoid the North East of the country where the terrorist risks are estimated to be high. It is a Portuguese-speaking country (yes!) and still unknown to mass tourism, but it deserves your full attention if your holidays are for idleness!

In short, since your internship in Mauritius, you will be able to enjoy several destinations, whether you are looking for thrills, nature or even the beach!