I’m currently in Spain : where to go in week-end during my internship abroad ? Here we are : you are finally doing your internship in Spain. You are having the best time of your life. But you will enjoy it even more if you would move during week-ends to see the rest of the country (or going to see your mates, also doing their internship in Spain). No worries baby, we definitely know Spain, here we go : how to go to a cheap week-end when you are in internship in Spain ?

You can start with Spain – your bros will appreciate

At the beginning of your internship abroad, you will probably look forward seeing Ashley, Bryan and John, who also are in internship in Spain. You are in Madrid ? This is great, you are in the right middle of the country, so you can move REALLY easily (actually, if you are in any other big city such as Barcelona, Valencia or Malaga, this is also really simple). Wherever are your mates, you can join them in a few times (and of course, they will move to see you – you are not the only one moving !). Several options for you : of course, there is the plane. And yes, we said cheap options. If you sneak around the flights comparators such as Skyscanner, you will realize you can fly really cheap. As in UK, you do have train here in Spain. And yes, definetly much cheaper than in UK. Just have a look on RENFE (https://venta.renfe.com), you will see it quickly that you can go from Madrid to Barcelona for 40€ on a Friday evening. Eventually, you still have the bus option such as Flixbus for example, an there is no excuse : this is almost free.

If you are sick of your mates – go discovering Portugal

Lisboa, Porto & Faro : 3 towns you can discover, and all of them are close to you.  Plane, train or bus, feel free. Lisboa is currently one of the most fanciest european towns. And to be honest, if you do have the opportunity, you should really go there. 1) the city is beautifil 2) the life if SO cheap, and you will hang out without killing your budget. Let’s discover Lisboa’s nightlife ! Porto & Faro are in the same mood, without the mass tourism. We love it.

If you need sun in your life – go discovering Morocco

Yes indeed, because actually Morocco is not far from Spain ! Even better if you are doing your internship in Sevilla or your internship in Malaga : in this case, Morocco is really next door. So you  can easily enjoy Marrakech, Essaouira or even Tanger ! Go ahead, and we can even guarantee the sun.

So if you are in internship in Spain, you definitely have the choise. You just need to find your internship, and about this matter, we are here to help !