I want to do an internship in import/export: which countries should I target for my internship abroad? Hello a tutti ! You, if you’re reading these sweet lines, is it because you need to study international trade or logistics? Well done, René. Let’s take stock of the top 3 countries you can target if an internship in import/export would make you kiffer.

Internship in Greece
We’ll start right away with the internship that’s going well. Greece, its climate, its turquoise waters, its beaches… We’re not going to lie to each other, an internship in Greece, it’s rather nice. And import-export, they know well, in the food industry (cuckoo olive oil), but also magnesia! For Greece, speaking English will be more than enough, and that’s a good thing: Greeks are pretty hot to speak it!

Internship in Italy
Same story as Greece. Who isn’t a fan of Italian cuisine and its fresh produce? Go the internship in the food import-export! But of course Italy also has a big car industry, but also in fashion and handicrafts! For an internship in export in Italy, it will be better if you speak Italian, but English will be sufficient.

Internship in Portugal
We continue with the south by leaving on a training course in Portugal. With their maritime coast, they are not there to joke around. If you speak English, you will be able to go to Portugal for your import-export internship, and at the same time take advantage of the OKLM way of life.

Of course, we will be able to help you to go everywhere for your import-export internship. Greece, Italy and Spain are of course in pole position for Europe! We might make you a top 3 in the world, but for the moment, this afternoon, we’re going to go and find internships abroad. And if you want to tell us about your internship project, you can contact us 😉

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