I’m in Baku, where could I travel during my internship abroad ? Azerbaijan is a wonderful country but why couldn’t you enjoy neighbour countries ?


Have a break during your internship abroad ! Why wouldn’t you visit Sevan lake ? A wonderful landscape on the biggest lake of Armenia ! more than 1400 km2. You are alsmot on a sea … but in the lands ! Let’s take time to contemplate the mountainous reliefs. 

Otherwise, still in Armenia you can go for a walk to see the Khndzoresk caves. These mountain-side caves that pierce through the trees have been inhabited about 8500 inhabitants. A real village that was inhabitated until the early twentieth century. When you get there, you land on an other planet !

Let’s change !


Tbilisi, the capital city is wonderful ! You must go there. The building are all of different architecture or period, giving the city a unique atmosphere. Georgia is a jewel ! Do not miss to relax in public baths (on the other hand you must know: it’s mandatory nudity in the baths, enough to have a good laugh with your travel mate !)

Then, don’t forget to have a turn to Narikala.

This fortress that is above Tbilisi was built after the invasion of the Mongolian people. Take the opportunity to visit it and go thtough the botanical garden.


Let’s go to Irand during your internship abroad ! Yazd, is the capital of the southern province or Iran, and it’s realy nice ; just grabd a tea there : you feel like to be on hollidays !

You can also have a trek of Dasht-e Lut . You will see wonderful landscape !

You now want to visit Azerbaijan ? You are in the good place, contact us !