am in Bratislava: where to travel during my internship abroad? Hello, today at HI we want to present you some places to discover absolutely because of course you know Slovakia as your pocket.

First choice, we propose you the city of Brno instead of Prague

Under the shadow of Prague, Brno is the second city of the Czech Republic but also the capital of Moravia. Student city, Brno has the capacity to have kept its authentic environment, far from the tourists who invade the streets of Prague. This region combines nature and urbanism and is easily visited on a weekend: its nightlife is very appreciable. Some key places to visit are St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Veveří Castle, the Splikberg fortress overlooking the city and home to several museums (it is also the old prison of the country). What good plans for your outings during your internship!

In second choice, Krakow instead of Warsaw.

For 10 €, we suggest you to go for a weekend in Krakow. Former capital of Poland, it has nevertheless remained the main historical city of country. In Krakow, you will be able to visit very nice places such as its old town, its place: one of the largest medieval squares of Europe, the hill of Wavel – castle and its cathedral-basilica. Built in 1220, Notre Dame Church will give you another taste of Gothic art. Emblem of Krakow, the two towers of the church are asymmetrical following a discord between the two brothers responsible for building each tower, it has clearly ended in nightmare. In addition, Krakow is home to the oldest university in the country, has a rich student life and the cost of living is very advantageous. Tourism is growing strongly then only one advice if you are in Bratislava: Go for it there!

Third choice, Budapest.

2 hours from Bratislava, we offer you a short weekend retreat to break a few moments with your internship! Do you know that Budapest is one of the most popular European cities for tourists, and yes we do not make fun of you at HI. Budapest is a hyper-cosmopolitan, dynamic capital, full of historical richness and, to crown it all, its population never sleeps! Know that Budapest is a spa town very famous since ancient times, dating back to the time of the Ottomans in Hungary. This city imposes its contrast Buda: the historical part and Pest: the modern part. We offer you during a weekend to discover these small cultural beauties: the Fishermen’s Bastion, St. Stephen’s Basilica in Pest, the Buda Castle (Royal Palace), the parliament. But also, to enjoy the pearl of the Danube by a night river cruise to discover the largest river in Europe and its surroundings at night. At all costs, you have to put your feet in one of the thermal baths of the city (oblige) or in typical Turkish baths, the art deco architecture of some will surprise you all the more.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to do your internship abroad!