I’m in Dakar, where could I go during my internship in Senegal ? Are you on an internship in Senegal, Dakar or Saint-Louis, and you want to make a trip elsewhere? Enjoy! Some tips to visit the countries nearby!

Mauritania, is it a good idea ?

Is it a good idea to move to Mauritania? NO. Sorry, but Mauritania is still not ultra safe, sincerely, we can not advise you to go to Mauritania.

Mali : let’s go to Bamako !

To spend a wkeend in Mali, we say yes! From Senegal, it is very easy to visit Bamako: and it’s great. There is a lot of activity to do, whether cultural or recreational. Bamako is very festive; and the music is particularly enjoyable! To hear some sounds of Mali, you can visit our YouTube channel: we have prepared a small playlist of families to enjoy.

Gambia : let’s go to Banjul !

As in all capitals, do not recommend leaving your things visible; petty crime is relatively common. But otherwise: Banjul is very nice! Especially, we advise you the nature reserve of Abuko! And above all, enjoy the coast, she is beautiful!

Green Cap

Hey yeah, Cape Verde: the island is right across from Dakar, and the flights are not overpriced! And what to do in Cape Verde? Sipping mojitos on a sandy beach, on a small sound afro-electro seems like a great option.

From the Senegal : you can have a great experience !