I’m in England: where do I travel during my internship abroad? That’s a good question! Because there’s quite a choice, little fellow. Let’s recap. You are currently doing your internship in London, for example, and you would like to get some fresh air. It’s easy with low-cost airlines (less fun than the local SNCF fare), or with bus lines, like Flixbus. Let’s say you don’t work on weekends during your internship abroad (which could be the case if you are doing your internship in a hotel for example), that leaves you 2 full time weekend days.

Not far from London – go by bus! So, yes, it’s all relative, but let’s say less than 3 hours by bus.

Discover Bristol
Drop your internship abroad for a weekend and discover Bristol, England’s second largest city! Colourful, dynamic and with a nice architecture, the city is full of cool places to visit. Moreover, it is the birthplace of Wallace and Gromit, go to their museum!

Discover Bath
Bath is considered one of the prettiest cities in England. In all simplicity. As a result, the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you’re hot for a visit, we recommend the Roman baths!

Discover Brighton
Brighton – or probably one of the coolest cities in England. It is one of the most popular seaside resorts of our English friends. For a weekend, go for a swim on the beach, or discover the street-art works of Bansky.

If you have a bit more budget (though!), by checking out the low cost departures, you can also make a weekend in Scotland!

Underground in Glasgow
The architecture is crazy, the parties are even crazier, and the population is at the top of its game. Moreover, quite a few towers leave Glasgow to discover the whisky factories. I’m just saying.

Dynamics in Edinburgh
A little steeper (get your sneakers ready), Edinburgh is a great place to visit. Its castle, but also the history of J.K Rowling (if you don’t know it, you’re getting beaten up), its classical and magnificent architecture. Big heart for Edinburgh.

Now all you have to do is book your small bus or plane tickets and GO the cool weekend during your internship in England.

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