I am in South Africa, where do I travel during my internship abroad? The team has put together a short list of places to visit during your internship in South Africa. Fasten your seat belt, the emergency exits are on the sides. Let’s go!

Cape Town

Cape Town! Obviously, we couldn’t miss it. It’s a really cool city to visit. Personally I recommend you to make Robben Island (it’s just a small island visible from the coast) where there is the prison where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated at the time. The visit is made by a former political prisoner, it’s very interesting.

Still in Cape Town, you can of course do the Cape of Good Hope. You find yourself on a cliffside in a magnificent nature reserve that is truly breathtaking.


This one is a personal choice, but if you like climbing and bouldering you already know the spot. Otherwise for the others it’s a great place where you can practice climbing without any equipment almost in the middle of the nature on not very high boulders in an unbeatable setting. All you have to do is rent a crash-pad (a mattress to fall on) and take a ticket to climb in the desired area and forward! You don’t need any more equipment and it’s really nice. The atmosphere is super cool. 


Soweto is the first place to do absolutely in Johannesburg. This township was the first place in the struggle against apartheid. Soweto is truly the must-see spot to discover the essence of South Africa. It’s very moving and culturally intense. 

Or you can go chill out in the quiet downtown area of South Africa’s richest city.

Wild Coast

The hiking spot! A wild coast (as its name indicates, thank you captain obvious) of virgin nature. At the rendezvous: About 300 KM of coast in a postcard landscape. Enough to surpass yourself in a dream setting and leave with beautiful memories in your head.

Here you know our selection of spots in South Africa to visit during your internship abroad, if you liked this article do not hesitate to share it and if you are interested in an internship in South Africa, contact us. ?