“Big daddy is back, in his long white Cadillac !” If you recognize a Bronson Action Punchline here, you’re the real deal. Don’t digress. You’re here because you’re planning an internship in Taiwan and want to know what to do on weekends. I’m in Taiwan, where do I travel during my internship abroad? Let’s go!

Macau, Chinese Las Vegas:

At the delta of the Pearl River, and across from Hong Kong is the sweet city of Macau. There you can enjoy a stroll on the strip, and marvel at the American-style casinos with Chinese sauce. Culturally interesting, the city was in Portuguese territory until 1999. You can land there from Taipei for cheap, don’t hesitate during your internship in Taiwan.

The Philippines, a little piece of paradise just a stone’s throw from Taiwan.

This archipelago counts more than 7000 islands, just that! It’s a bit crowded, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to take a trip to the ocean in Manila and enjoy beautiful walks that will leave you with unforgettable memories (hello postcard landscapes). Also think about going for a walk in the Chinese district, which dates back several centuries, and soak up its unique atmosphere. Flights from Taiwan are really cheap too!

South Korea, high tech life.

It’s also available as an internship abroad, but you can go there from Taiwan if you have a bit more budget (why does Cristina’s voice from the Shopping Queens resound in my head when I talk about budget?).

Over there, we advise you to see the cleavage between the green countryside of cherry blossoms, Buddhist temples and the city of tech Seoul! It’s frankly incredible and culturally strong.

Here is already a good small panel of destinations to travel to during your internship in Taiwan, if you are tempted by the adventure of the internship in Asia, do not hesitate to contact us 😉 

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