Welcome to this family blog to present you some ideas of cheap trips to do during your internship in Estonia. Tallinn, presents a lot of advantage to move your little buttocks outside the capital on weekends, and maximize your internship in Europe, taking advantage of the cities and surrounding countries!

Finland: indispensable step

When you are in training in Tallinn, one of the easiest countries to reach is Finland! And if you go ahead, you have ferries for 20 € 1 / R which offers to take you to Finland, Helsinki. You can enjoy in a few hours to take a ride in the Finnish capital, and it can be done on a day, as on a weekend. You even have night ferries, where you can go before arriving in Finland!

Other Baltic countries, Lithuania and Latvia

Very cheap: you can find buses for 10 € A / R that takes you to either Vilnius or Riga. And that’s a gift! The two capitals are not expensive, Vilnius is certainly the least expensive of the three. We advise you to book a little couchsurfing or airbnb, to stay the entire weekend on site and enjoy the capitals; the nightlife is quite lively, especially when the good weather arrives. If you leave in winter, check before the best boxes and bar: nobody stays outside, so internet will be your best ally to find the trendy places.

Tartu, in Estonia

Second largest city of Estonia, Tartu is not only pretty but also very dynamic. Yes, the center is still Tallinn, but you can also make nice visits and big parties in Tartu. In France, Paris is THE city of the party, but Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes and even Lorient are doing just fine: it’s the same there.

To go on an internship in Europe or abroad, it is often a great adventure, so to take advantage of it to make a maximum of visit, to confront you to the cultures and to leave even bigger of this extraordinary adventure!