INDIGO: the app that changes the way you consume! It’s completely free, downloadable in one click. So now we pack up the complaints, and we grasp the solution: download the Indigo app. The principle is simple: the more you give, the richer you get.

“The Indigo app aspires to reweave the social bond and revolutionize access to goods and services. By creating the first social network based on the Mint of Generosity, Indigo’s mission is to reduce inequalities, encourage solidarity and sharing, help associations and promote the integration of refugees in Europe. ”

The principle, the more you give, the richer you are…

A person needs a favor you can do for them? Give it to him! You get Digos, the currency to acquire your future goods or services. It’s completely free. And if you give for free, instead of asking, you earn GoodVibes: the more you have, the less expensive the services and items are!

—> The Digo is the currency of generosity. It is a virtual currency, to obtain and exchange goods and services.
—> GoodVibes, the more you have, the cheaper it is! 4 ways to get some: the number of users helped without asking for Digos, the number of people helped, evaluations by other users, the help given to associations via Indigo.

To find out more in 42 seconds, you can go directly to YouTube: click here for the video! And to download the app is here.