At International Horizons, we are also thinking of you, future engineer. An internship abroad in embedded systems is possible, and we have a few tips for that. What are the top destinations for your experience abroad in embedded systems? We tell you everything. Several students from Polytech, ESTA, Inge La Rochelle and others have already put their trust in us: now it’s your turn to benefit from an international experience!

An internship abroad in embedded systems in Sweden
Yes, the first is European! Sweden has invested heavily in research and development and new technologies. Private industries have even formed economic alliances and created funds to invest in embedded systems: Volvo, Sony, Ericsson, Siemens … Everybody is there. So it’s quite natural that Sweden offers great opportunities for internships abroad in embedded systems. And, not everything is centralized in Stockholm, there is a real variety of offers throughout Sweden.

An internship abroad in embedded systems in the USA
Massive investments too! Unfortunately we cannot argue on the subject: we do not propose the United States: visas and sponsorships are expensive, even very expensive, and our credo is to allow everyone and everything to have access to mobility abroad.

An internship abroad in embedded systems in Slovenia
Surprise that top! This small country in Southern Europe – bordering Italy! – is one of the European countries with the most companies in the field of embedded and real-time systems. It’s one of the Team’s favourite countries for info: you can’t get bored in Slovenia; it’s beautiful, it’s cheap, it’s safe — > we highly recommend Slovenia for an internship abroad. Embedded systems, or not, by the way; the population speaks excellent English, often Italian or German as well.

An internship abroad in embedded systems in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is best known for its Black Sea coast, yet it is one of the small nuggets of Eastern Europe. Bulgaria is one of the gateways to Eastern Europe, and this is also the case for investments: cheap labour, a little legal opacity, no lies to be told, but anyway, it is one of the European nations that weighs in the game for its on-board systems.

An internship abroad in embedded systems in Poland
Very advanced in the field as well! Despite the anti-EU SIP’s rhetoric, Poland is benefiting from a lot of European investment, but not only that: Google has put 1 billion euros on the table to invest in technology and a mega campus dedicated to start-ups. In fact, Warsaw is the venue for the big event on new technologies and embedded systems every year. Moreover, the advantage of Poland is that it is not expensive at all.

So, if you, future engineer, want to do your internship abroad in embedded systems, just click below!

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