If you too want to escape to a country that offers a heavenly beach: take advantage of your internship abroad by importing and exporting to the beach!

What an internship abroad will bring to you
You who are looking for an international internship! All too well, you will enrich your personal skills, but also enlarge your meeting book. Indeed, thanks to our contacts already on site, we will do everything we can to make your stay not only useful to boost your career, but also pleasant to enjoy the late hours sipping a mojito on the beaches!

Why an internship in import-export on the beach?
Who says beach says … port! And so import/export ! The European and international ports concentrate a large number of companies linked to import-export, whether in the food industry, furniture, hydrocarbons, raw materials and so on! So, if you’re going to move abroad for your internship, you might as well take advantage of it to do so in a pleasant setting and enjoy a warm and sunny destination! A few tips to choose THE country for your internship in import-export, with beautiful beaches where you can spend the evening!

An atypical setting for your internship
Where to do your internship abroad? It’s simple! Why not go where the weather is nice! If I can give you a little advice. Personally, I know destinations where you can find small bays as well as long and wide sandy beaches or pebble and stone beaches.

Unforgettable memories
I’m sure that you already see yourself in the evening or in the morning walking along the seafront to get to your internship. And believe me, you will see that the beach is one of the best remedies to take your mind off things, or simply to clear your mind. You, like me, will never tire of discovering such beauty. The fine sand is warm, the water is heavenly, paradise is at hand.

The countries that offer are dreamlike with endless beaches.
We can advise you Greece and its 3 000 islands, Mexico and its Play adel Carmen, South Africa, Malta and its famous “Fenêtre d’Azur”, Mauritius, Spain, Slovenia, Italy or Thailand with its splendid Maya Bay on Ko PhiPhi Island!

So, if you want to combine tanning, water sports and internship abroad; contact us!

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