Internship in BTS CI at low cost ? You’re in a bad mood, it’s March, you have to go abroad for an internship to validate and budget level is not crazy… Okkkk baby! Luckily, Spanish is your strong point and so you’re a lucky guy because today I’m talking about Andalusia… And yes, this destination which is hyyyyyyper trendy and will solve all your worries as a student: Your roommate at less than 400€ ? You can have mojitos galore. Or sparkling water: both work. Top 3 destinations in Andalusia where you can combine work placement and beach!

In first place: Cadiz
So hang on, this town is the top of the line for you future pro canvassing & hiking enthusiast. On the border between two continents, Cádiz gives you the opportunity to discover all the beauty of the Andalusian region, to clear your head the weekend after your week-long training course, to lose the weight you will have gained with the tapas by going surfing and dancing like never before!

In second place: Seville
What could be better than an internship abroad in a city where you know you will never be alone? Vamos! Here you will do customer service like never before! A little blues? Come on, a little trip to Santa Cruz!

In third place: Granada.
What if you’re told you can combine the beauty of Europe with Arab culture? Why not! You’ll have the chance to have a lot of fun, to have a lot of fun with these UNESCO world heritage sites and of course, the mailing will no longer hold any secrets for you.

And yes, here at HI we are too cute; we thought of you, your budget and to save your year 😀 For a BTS CI internship at a low price, contact us!

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