Doing a BTS in support of managerial action: it is possible. International Horizons is tailor-made, so we make sure that everything is possible. Instructions for your BTS managerial action support internship abroad.

Doing a BTS internship in support of managerial action abroad.
The duration is admittedly short, between one and two months depending on the institution of registration. But, we find a company that will adapt, to give you the necessary missions and validate your diploma. Then, depending on the level of language you have before your arrival, the missions will have a more or less important degree of responsibility. And during your internship, depending on your language progress, the company will offer you more responsibility.

Dare to take the plunge!
A BTS in managerial action support offers you several internship periods, and the vast majority of students stay in France. Lack of means? You can find a company that will accommodate you! Or you can help you get the scholarships to finance the internship. Afraid to go on your own? We make you go with your classmates to the same destination. Afraid to go far away? We’ll take you to a capital or a city that has direct lines to France: if you have a little bit of slack, you can even go home on weekends.

Why do the BTS support to managerial action abroad internship?
Already, for you: experience abroad makes us grow, makes us more tolerant, opens our minds, and trains us. To improve your foreign languages: what could be better than working in another language? Going on an internship abroad, more generally, allows you to live an enriching human and professional experience. Personally, the first time I went on an internship abroad was in Spain, in Ibiza: OK, the destination is pretty hot, but I was afraid to go there and be alone. It was so good that I went to study abroad, in Finland, then I went on a tour of Europe after my studies, and since then I’ve been travelling all the time. And yet what scared me was being away from my grandma: you bet, she’s been very happy since when I’ve been away!

If you want to live a nice adventure, and do your internship of BTS support to managerial action abroad: let’s go, contact us!

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