You want to go for an internship in Europe but you do not know where yet? Read this ! an internship on a European island: why not?!

When we think about internship abroad, we think about flying to Australia, USA … Do parties on Bondi Beach with your new friends and participate in NBA games in Washington … A dream ? but too expensive for you maybe. Do you know that, not far from our beautiful France, lies European islands, miles and a secret? An internship that allows you to learn English, and even enjoy the sun! Good no? The nominees are: Ireland, Malta and Cyprus!

Do your internship in Ireland, why not?

Welcome to Emerald Island. Ireland is the capital of Guinness (yes yes, we know you like it) but also and especially Ireland is lush landscapes, filming locations of Star Wars scenes, Games of Thrones, and a gastronomy of quality. And the Irish? Their hospitality is renowned for being one of the warmest! Do you want a more sun?

 What if you did your internship in Malta?

Malta is THE English-speaking destination for students wishing to do an internship abroad, in Europe with sunlight tropics. Malta is 316 km² but it’s so coooool. Known for its archaeological sites, if you are passionate of discoveries and religion, you have to go there ! If you prefer sea, you will be able to dive between the creeks and the white rocks. And Malta is especially a paradise for trainees who want to learn English. Do you want a less “popular” destination?

Do your internship in Cyprus, did you think about it?

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is known as one of the EU countries with the highest standard of living. Do you think it’s too small and you’ll be alone on the island? No, Cyprus is 1.1 million people! It is also a summer that lasts 6 months (what a dream) as well as an archeological richness and landscapes to take your breath away. Although the official languages ​​are Greek and Turkish, English is the second most spoken language!

So, are you ready to go? If you want more info, click down here ?