Why do your BTS MUC internship in Southern Europe?

We are lucky to live at a time when an association such as the European Union allows us to go abroad relatively easily. If you are also lucky enough to discover a brand new country, a brand new culture while doing your internship, why deprive yourself of it? We know that internships abroad are not easy to find but don’t worry, that’s what the Team is there for! We’ll find you an internship but we’ll make sure to find one that matches your expectations.

BTS MUC internship in Spain
There is one condition to do an internship in Spain: Speak a minimum of Spanish! If you meet this condition, finding a good internship in Spain will be relatively simple. You can already imagine yourself having a good pint with tapas on the terrace under the beautiful Spanish sun. Plus, the cost of living is not very expensive!

BTS MUC internship in Portugal
Unlike Spain, speaking Portuguese is not necessary. Many international startups, especially French ones, come to settle there for its very affordable cost of living. This gives us many opportunities for internships in marketing, communication, etc.. Not forgetting the local food which is delicious of course.

BTS MUC internship in Greece
Despite a complicated economy over the last 10 years, Greece remains in the top third of the world’s economies. Greece has extensive international trade with the whole world, especially with the Balkans and Germany. This magnificent country offers us a wide range of opportunities, both in food processing, services, import and export etc..

BTS MUC internship in Italy
Who doesn’t like Italian food here? Anybody? Well, yeah, that makes sense. It’s not for nothing that Italy is one of the most popular destinations. On top of that, you don’t need to have an extraordinary level of English. Between Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Palermo… There’s a choice. And in all areas!

BTS MUC internship in Slovenia
Slovenia is our favourite! It’s cheap, the people are really cool, we drink pints and it’s not expensive at all. If you speak a little English you’ll have no problem fitting in. Slovenians generally speak very good English. In Slovenia, the marketing/management sector is very developed and they work a lot with the Balkans.

BTS MUC internship in Croatia
Croatia this paradise country where almost the whole country is a beach. Nice weather and turquoise water, I think we can enjoy the panorama. In addition to partying, you will be able to experience the professional life of a country that has seen its economy boosted by tourism since its entry into the EU in 2013.

BTS MUC internship in Malta
A little bit the same setting as in Croatia: paradisiacal context with its beaches and turquoise waters. A pint for families at 2€50 on average. All the same, be careful not to contact any company where you could find yourself in the middle of a hundred trainees. But don’t worry, at International Horizons we only work with good companies.

If you would like to do your internship abroad, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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