You want to do an internship in Asia, specifically as a startup? Thailand has a highly developed FrenchTech community, but so does South Korea. Many investors are interested in startups from the Korean peninsula, and the number of startups is growing every year just like in France!

Your internship in South Korea
Despite very vague legislation, South Korea easily accepts foreign trainees! The visa is even very easy for an internship in South Korea unlike other Asian destinations. Doing an internship in South Korea is to meet a work culture at the antipodes of ours: 70 hours a week, a strong and strong corporate culture to the detriment of personal life, few holidays … Fortunately, contracts are very light for foreign students who want to invest in the Korean economy!

Start-ups in South Korea
It is in the beautiful capital that most start-ups are concentrated. Many events are organised by “start-up accelerators” or incubators that allow the exchange of ideas and the faster evolution of companies. It is also not uncommon for Korean startups to partner with large groups to accelerate their growth. The ecosystem of Korean startups is very diverse, although many are invested in sales and customer relations.

If you want to do your internship in a start-up in South Korea, we can help you! Whether you need advice or other, contact us =)

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