Your internship in Croatia, it’s like going to the new Ibiza ! Sun, fiesta, but not only : let’s get out of the clichés. This country reserves surprises for many reasons : little presentation of Croatia in a few lines to discover the last member arrived in the European Union !

The budget for your internship in Croatia

It all depends on the period of the year and the city of your internship. But in general, Croatia is an affordable country in Europe, and even one of the cheapest ! An average budget of 750€ per month will be enough to live in Croatia, and enjoy its many attractive features. Nevertheless, be careful, this budget is indicative, and each situation can turn out to be different. International Horizons helps you to build your budget and get the financing necessary to carry out an internship abroad.

What you need to know about an internship in Croatia

Croatia is worldwide renown for the quality of its beaches and its landscapes. By the way, we advise you to take the highway on the coast : it’s a waking dream. Also, you MUST visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park : waterfalls, turquoise waters… It’s breathtaking !

Your internship in Croatia

An internship in Croatia will be more or less easy to get according to the field that you’re aiming at : helping the refugees, tourism, social working, yachting, and more widely the service sector is very present. During your internship you will be able to take a chance to visit the Balkans : you will be right next to them, and this is really cheap ! Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, or even Serbia nearby !

Ready for your internship abroad towards Croatia ? Then prepare your CV in English and in French. International Horizons will call you and we will build the best project possible so that your internship is a success ! Together, we will maximise your chances to get a qualifying internship, that will enable your skills to progress.

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