Your work placement in Estonia is heading for Tallinn, for a work placement in the capital! This magnificent Baltic port city offers a wide range of internship opportunities abroad. And you’re in luck, because International Horizons knows the country inside out. One of our team members has been there several times, so he’ll be able to give you all the tips you need to make the most of your internship in Estonia. The country is rich in history, and you can see that straight away when you arrive in Tallinn: the medieval city is just as nice to visit, in summer as in winter, as long as you’re well covered up, as the temperatures are often negative in winter, and I can tell you that temperatures below 0, with the wind blowing, are going to make you suffer very quickly if you don’t have a thick coat and some good socks. Tallinn is very lively, the nightlife is fun and lively, there are always concerts and festivals to go to, and since joining the European Union, the city has adapted very well to tourism and to welcoming ERASMUS students: transport is smooth, there are lots of possibilities and the cultural activities are very varied!