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Internship in Europe

Going on internship in Europe : such a good idea ! If you are a european, you can enjoy your stay abroad to visit neighbour countries. And, if you come for out of Europe, you will need a schengen visa : so, you can visit 28 countries in 1 ! Europe get many opportunities to offer ; and following the country you choose, your experience can really be different : Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria … let’s go for your internship abroad ! 

Note that we only offer internships in countries that we ever visit : you just need to contact us, and we will give you many advices and tips ! Event when you will be on internship in Europe, maybe we could have a beer together : we often go abroad all year long 🙂 Last year, we met you in Lithuania, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Ireland, Poland and event Cyprus ! Where will you be this year ?

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We take care of everything ! Just be patient, the team is working for you to find an amazing internship in Europe ! Next step : be prepared to have a Skype or Whatsapp interview with your welcoming company.

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If you agreed on the conditions with the comapany, we will make sign the agreement by the company ! Last step : to pay our service – 300€ – and book your flight for your next internship in Europe ! We will help you to find a cheap one !

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Feedback from Spain – Ibiza Session

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Informations for your internship in Europe

Internship in

Eastern Europe

An internship in Eastern Europe is ideal for small budgets; but not only ! Those who want to improve their English will prefer the Baltic countries or Poland: Francophones are much rarer than in Ireland or Malta! In addition, the countries of Eastern Europe still have strong economic ties with Russia, a wise choice for those who want to work their level of Russian during their internship in Europe, without having to pay a visa! You can discover all the countries on our site, or by contacting us: at HI, we only offer destinations for internships abroad that a member of the Team has visited!

Internship in Central Europe

Like Eastern Europe, an internship in Central Europe allows European mobility at a lower cost. In addition, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are in full swing: investors are numerous, but also tourists! The populations of Central Europe are generally excellent in English, but also in German, and thus allow to evolve in an international environment, if not multicultural, easily. An internship in Central Europe is for those who want to take up the challenge of multiculturalism, at a lower cost! Discover what HI's alumni think by reading the testimonials on our blog.

Internship in

Southern Europe

An internship in Southern Europe, it is the guarantee to pay you a sun of lead during your internship abroad! And if you all think about Greece or Spain, know that Slovenia, Italy or even Portugal are wonderful destinations to do your internship abroad! While Google has invested heavily in Madrid, southern European countries all enjoy considerable advantages: most of their economies are export-oriented, so ideal for internships in international trade or logistics. But also, the countries of the South benefit from huge structures in the agri-food, cosmetics or real estate or finance. In addition, the southern countries all have very large cities outside the capital cities, like Thessaloniki, Porto, Milan or Maribor.

Internship in Scandinavia

An internship in Scandinavia: Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland! The 4 most expensive countries in Europe to stay: you've been warned, Northern Europe is really expensive. Nevertheless, to find an English-speaking population, outside of Ireland or the United Kingdom: it's almost perfect! The Scandinavian countries excel in many ways: art, design, architecture, ecology, education and many other fields! Anyone can find THE internship abroad, in Scandinavia. Depending on the time of year, you have to prepare for very cold or very hot weather. And above all, to take an intercultural slap: management, relationships between people, the way of seeing time and the relationship to nature are poles apart from what we know in Western Europe, and especially in France . "United in diversity" the motto of the European Union, takes here, all its meaning!

English Speaking Europe

  An internship in Anglophone Europe! Many of you want to learn English in Ireland, Malta or London. London, has more French than Nantes! Dublin has a very large English-speaking community, and Malta even more. English is widely used as a working language also in other countries: the Scandinavian countries, Central Europe or the Baltic countries are perfect for an English course. Indeed, the language of these countries is not spoken outside the country, so English is for them capital, as long as they want to work internationally. So for your English course, no stress: we find the international team you need for your internship in Europe!



An internship on a European island is possible! In addition to Malta, Cyprus and Ireland, International Horizons offers several island destinations: Palermo in Italy, Heraklion, Rhôdes, Corfu in Greece, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca in Spain, Madeira in Portugal, and more, to discover on our blog internships abroad! An internship on a European island is a combination of idleness and work. They are generally all, very developed in terms of tourism but also at the industrial level (and among others, in the import-export) but also in engineering professions such as water treatment or energy control. But the islands are also ideal for students in politics or project management. Indeed, most of these European islands have developed important policies in the field of urban planning, ecology or the management of migratory flows. Do your internship abroad on a European island: it's easy!