The United Kingdom is one of the European island countries, and on top of that it’s English-speaking. In 2017, the Brexit started, but it won’t be set up until 2019, so it’s still time to enjoy London ! Carrying out an internship in the UK, it’s interesting, but careful, the country is expensive.

The budget for your internship in the UK

The country is relatively expensive for an average European. You should forecast around a 1000€ budget per month to live in the UK. Of course, this budget is a lot variable according the cities : Bristol, London, Manchester and the others are very different cities. Consult us for more details, it’s commitment-free !

What you need to know

Before your internship, let’s write down a couple of facts. London is one of the cities in the world that welcomes the most… French people ! Therefore, if your objective is to learn English, you should rather target another city, or another country. Also, there are lots of return trips every day for the whole of France’s airports, so safely speaking, it will be fine.

Your internship in the UK

Each internship project is corrected, found, and made to measure. The country is still very industrial, with Poland, it’s the perfect destination for any kind of engineers. The UK has a varied economy, therefore it’s possible to improve all the skills that you want. There’s only left finding the ideal company with precise and constructive missions : we are going to help you for that.

Before applying, make sure you have the budget that you will need for the cost of living in the UK. Indeed, carrying out an internship is great but it’s better if you make the most of it : go to Manchester to watch a game, make a detour by the universities of Cambridge or Oxford, visit the colorful Bristol, discover Scotland and its Celtic culture, and many other adventures !

You want to carry out your internship in the UK ? Don’t wait to contact us !