Do a jewellery internship in Colombia: the ideal country for your jewellery internship! A short overview of Colombian relations with the jewellery industry. International Horizons finds you the internship that will make your skills take off!

Colombia is very famous

Colombia benefits from a soil very rich in emeralds. Mines are very numerous and constitute one of the main activities of the country, especially for the regions located in the north of Colombia. And it is thus quite naturally that jewellery has developed enormously around this precious stone!

Lucia Bueno-Mallarino

She is THE fashionable designer for years, originally from Colombia. Notably, in Europe, she has made a name for herself thanks to her creations that showcase emeralds; she was also lucky to work on one of the largest stones extracted. We highly recommend you to go to her Instagram account to see the beauty of Colombia through her creations.

Is it imperative to speak Spanish to do an internship in jewellery in Colombia?

Then, legitimate question. Of course speaking Spanish is much easier, but it is not rare to find jewellers who speak English, so no imperative, it will just be easier to find your internship in Colombia. But, if you call on us, the International Horizons Team is there to find you THE internship that corresponds to your expectations.

The watermark, Arab influences

Colombia has been able to influence itself to renew itself in its creations. And, in addition to making typical Colombian creations, it has been inspired by filigree techniques from the Arab world to develop its own creations that mix a Latin and Arab style: a very beautiful show.

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