An internship in project management in Italy is possible! And for a lot of reasons, it’s even easier than in other countries. International Horizons explains why the friend: andiamo in Italia!

The economic context

After the little spanking – like us! – from 2008, Italy is reviving, a lot. Billions of euros have been invested in the economy for as many projects that are developing across the country. IT, culture, nanotechnology, so many projects to manage during your internship in Italy. The country seeks to recruit, work and internship abroad, for cross-border projects and international projects. French here will be a major asset, especially in the Aosta Valley and in Veneto, which are two large Italian regions with strong links in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and PACA.

European Union

Italy consumes ERASMUS + credits, like all the countries of the European Union, or partner countries. Universities, associations, companies … billions of euros in the service of local and international projects are financed each year. And there are many internships in the field, especially project management in the fields of education, the environment, health, and culture.

Italiy, Queen of UNESCO

Only Italy brings together 52% of the world heritage listed in UNESCO: nothing like to make your weapons in the management of projects! So yes, the places are harder to get, but you can still get a job as a project assistant, or you specialize the time of an internship on one of the themes of the project: quality, finance, sponsor, communication. .. before managing a project from A to Z, as much master each step.

You see, internships in project management in Italy, it’s powerful. To get an internship at the top of your ambitions, it starts by contacting us!