Raaaight! Welcome to the Roc as Nadiya told us in 2009! But today, we will rather focus on Tabulistan, O country highlighted by Michaël Youn in 2013. T-t-t-t-t-t-t calm down, young man. I can hear you coming from here with your doubts. And yet, I’m going to show you that an internship in Tabulistan is possible. Let’s go !

“Yeah, there’s no such thing as Tabulistan.”
Okay, thanks Wikipedia. So now we’re going to have to get into a philosophical debate, I’m afraid. There’s no such thing as Tabulistan? What determines whether or not a country exists is the international recognition of its peers. For example, today not everyone recognizes Kosovo or Palestine. But Sweden, for example, does. So, we’re going to start from the fact that Tabulistan exists, okay?

Tabulistan, a beautiful country
For yes, there is evidence of the existence of Tabulistan. In addition to the distinguished work of Mr. Michael Youn, there is Youtube proof of its existence, which I consider in many ways as the word of the gospel. Especially when it suits me: click here for the proof.

Why write an article on Tabulistan?
Already, for the pleasure of making you smile, and of having you read 180 words: anything is possible. Then, to highlight a fact. Often, you ask us for an internship in the United Kingdom or, in Ireland. Today, les amis.es, apart from Taboulistan, there are more than fifty countries at your fingertips (less than 100€ round trip by plane!) and so many cultures to discover.

An internship in Slovenia, an internship in Latvia, an internship in Tabulistan, an internship in Poland: in Europe we are lucky to benefit from secure countries. And, above all, countries whose economy still leaves room for low prices: we must take advantage of this! We have to take advantage of the chance that our generation has: cheap planes, all Europe less than 2 hours from France, cheap prices. An internship abroad is generally cheaper than staying in France!

So we, whether it’s in Tabulistan, Hungary, or Estonia: we’ll take you on an internship abroad.

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