An internship in tourism in South Africa: it’s possible, and even recommended! Eco tourism, business tourism, maritime tourism or beach tourism – it’s all possible! Read on to find out about the possibilities for your tourism work placement abroad in South Africa.

Internship in South Africa, in the hotel industry

If you’re looking for hotel experience in South Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban are the cities to consider.

Cape Town: This city offers a dynamic hotel scene with a wide variety of establishments ranging from luxury hotels to charming lodges. You could consider positions in departments such as reception, room service, floor service or even the events department. Cape Town is also known for its beautiful scenery, beaches and tourist attractions.

Johannesburg: As the economic and commercial centre of South Africa, Johannesburg offers a multitude of hotels and establishments of all categories. You can focus on positions in hotel management, marketing, sales or event management. Johannesburg also offers a vibrant city life and a dynamic cultural scene.

Durban: Located on the east coast of South Africa, Durban is a popular tourist destination, particularly for its beaches. You could consider working in hotels along the famous Golden Mile or in luxury resorts. Opportunities may include positions in catering, facilities management, guest services or the leisure department.

Each of these cities has its own unique advantages and characteristics, so it’s important to take your personal preferences, interests and career goals into account when choosing the city that best matches your expectations.

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Internship in South Africa in marketing and communication applied to tourism

If you’re looking for a work placement in marketing or communications in the tourism sector in South Africa, there are a number of cities offering good opportunities.

Cape Town: Cape Town is a major tourist destination in South Africa and has a dynamic tourism scene. As an intern, you could work in tourism marketing agencies, tourist offices or hotel companies. You would have the opportunity to promote Cape Town’s unique tourist attractions, events and activities.

Johannesburg: As the economic and commercial centre of the country, Johannesburg also offers interesting opportunities in the field of tourism marketing and communication. You could work for marketing agencies, travel companies or tourism promotion organisations, promoting Johannesburg’s tourist attractions and developing communication strategies to attract visitors.

Durban: Located on the east coast, Durban is a popular tourist destination in South Africa. You could find opportunities in tourism marketing agencies, tourist offices or hotel companies. Your role would be to promote the seaside attractions, cultural events and unique tourist experiences that Durban has to offer.

Internship in South Africa, tour guide: Art, History and Hiking

In South Africa’s tourism sector, here are a few towns that offer good opportunities to become a tour guide, focusing on the mountain, history and art sectors. Note that there is no particular ranking, but these cities are known for their attractiveness in these areas:

Mountain Tourist Guide :

  1. Cape Town: With its famous Table Mountain and spectacular mountain scenery, Cape Town offers many opportunities to become a mountain tour guide. You could guide visitors on walks around Table Mountain, explore the surrounding mountain trails, and share your knowledge of the geology, flora and fauna of the region.
  2. Drakensberg: Located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the Drakensberg mountain range is renowned for its majestic scenery. It attracts many hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. Working as a tour guide in this region, you will be able to accompany visitors on treks, inform them about the history and geology of the region, and guide them to the most emblematic peaks.

Tourist Guide History :

  1. Johannesburg: As the economic and cultural centre of South Africa, Johannesburg is full of fascinating history. You can become a historical tour guide by exploring sites such as the Apartheid Museum, Soweto township and the remains of the gold era. You’ll share stories about the history of the freedom struggle, apartheid and the city’s cultural heritage.
  2. Cape Town: Cape Town is also a great place to become a history tour guide. The city has a rich history, from the arrival of Dutch settlers, to British influence, to the apartheid era. You’ll be able to guide visitors through historic sites such as Robben Island, the District Six Museum and the Castle of Good Hope, while sharing anecdotes and knowledge about the region’s past.

Art Tourist Guide :

  1. Cape Town: As South Africa’s cultural and artistic hub, Cape Town offers many opportunities to become an art tourist guide. You could accompany visitors to art galleries, exhibitions and artistic districts such as Woodstock and the Garden District. You’ll share information about local artists, art movements and cultural influences that shape Cape Town’s art scene.
  2. Johannesburg: With its vibrant art scene and numerous museums, Johannesburg is another interesting city in which to become an art tourist guide. You could guide visitors through the Johannesburg Museum of Art, the Museum of Africa and the city’s contemporary art galleries. You will share your knowledge of South African artists, artistic trends and emerging creative expressions.
Internship in South Africa, travel agent

If you’re thinking of doing an internship as a travel agent in South Africa, here are three cities that are renowned in the tourism industry for their unique opportunities and attractions:

  1. Cape Town: Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors from all over the world. As a travel agent in Cape Town, you’ll discover a variety of activities and attractions, from beautiful sandy beaches and majestic mountains to picturesque vineyards and historic sites. You’ll have the opportunity to design itineraries for travellers, book guided tours to iconic locations such as Table Mountain and the Wine Route, and offer unique experiences such as safaris or whale watching boat trips.
  2. Johannesburg: Johannesburg is the economic and commercial centre of South Africa, and has a vibrant tourism scene. Working as a travel agent in Johannesburg, you’ll be able to offer guided tours of the city, safaris to nearby nature reserves, and organise trips to popular destinations such as the Kruger National Park. Johannesburg is also a hub for international flights, so you’ll be able to offer itineraries combining holidays in South Africa with other neighbouring countries.
  3. Durban: Durban is a coastal city in South Africa, renowned for its beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere and rich Zulu culture. As a travel agent in Durban, you’ll be able to organise beach breaks for travellers, book water-based activities such as surfing and paddle boarding, and offer cultural tours that focus on discovering Zulu culture, bustling markets and traditional festivals. In addition, Durban is a gateway to the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal region, offering opportunities to explore nature parks and game reserves.

Each of these cities offers unique advantages as a travel agent in South Africa. Cape Town is renowned for its natural beauty, Johannesburg offers a vibrant urban scene and easy access to other African destinations, while Durban offers a unique beach and cultural experience.

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