Greetings to you, the reader of these lines! Yes, you behind your screen. Would you like to do an internship in Turkey? Stay put and read this. Internship in Turkey, let’s go!

Turkey is the perfect country for your international internship, straddling two continents: Europe and Asia. A commercial, cultural and historical crossroads, an internship in Turkey means understanding how business is done at the junction of these two major continents. A unique cultural and professional experience.

As a result, Turkey is an emerging economic power, with many sectors such as construction, automotive, electronics and tourism booming.

Turkey’s rich culture is waiting for you! Turkey’s history spans several millennia. Living and doing an internship in Istanbul, for example, is an opportunity to make new discoveries every day, taste new flavors, witness and respect customs you’ve never experienced before. An experience of a lifetime! Turkish traditions and cuisine need no introduction – they’re world-renowned (thanks tiktok)! In fact, we’ve already written a blog about Turkey’s culinary specialities. Don’t hesitate to read it!

An important point for everyone! La moula. In general, the cost of living in Turkey is lower than in Western Europe. If you’re on a tight budget, Turkey is a good choice of destination for an internship outside Europe! You can eat out regularly and enjoy the local delicacies for very little money. Fruit and vegetables are also affordable.

I have to tell you about Turkish hospitality. This notion has deep roots going back to ancient times, when travellers were welcomed and protected by locals, even if they were foreigners. A little background (international pun intended. Please laugh): If, for example, you’re invited into a home, being offered tea or coffee is almost systematic. I understand that one can be generous, but it can be frowned upon to refuse. Receiving someone is more than a duty, it’s an honor. The person receiving you will often take great care to ensure that you are comfortable, well-fed and feel at home.

Turkey is a geographically varied country, so there’s no time to get bored. Do you want to relax by the sea? Go to Konyaaltı and Lara, the two most popular beaches in Antalaya! Put down your towel and enjoy the scenery! If you’re more the quiet type, I recommend the creeks (by boat) of the butterfly valley.

More into mountaineering? Head for Mount Ararat. Known as the site of Noah’s Ark! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you feel like skiing, head for Uludağ. This is the resort to go to in winter.

If I’m going to make a point of geography, I’ve got to tell you about Cappadocia. This region in the middle of Turkey is famous for hot-air balloon flights over these peculiar rock formations. You really need to see some photos. Cappadocia is a natural and historical treasure trove, and a visit here allows you to immerse yourself in an almost supernatural landscape while discovering thousands of years of history.

Internship in Istanbul

Literally between Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus strait bisects the city, marking this natural separation between the two continents. Istanbul is a city teeming with life. It is the country’s cultural and economic capital. (The political capital is in Ankara). Istanbul doesn’t rest. The bars are packed from evening to early morning. The city is an example of multiculturalism. Outside the course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most iconic sites, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Personally, if you’ve played Prince of Persia the Sands of Time (hello PS2 nostalgia), go and see the Basilica Cistern. You won’t be disappointed! While we’re on the subject of references: check out the city’s bazaar, the oldest in the world. It’s also where James Bond has his motorcycle chase in Skyfall.

Istanbul is also home to the Beyoğlu, Karaköy and Balat districts, where you’ll find numerous shops, restaurants, galleries and nightlife. Trendy cafés and art galleries (hi hipsters, if you still exist). Or lose yourself in Balat, with its bohemian atmosphere and colorful houses.

Need some peace and quiet? Take a boat to the Prince Islands, considered a city district in its own right. This archipelago, where nature is more accessible, is clearly a haven of peace. Vehicles powered by combustion engines are banned from these islands, providing a very pleasant sense of calm, in stark contrast to the other districts.

Istanbul is a city of the world, home to a vast international community. Once you’re here, you’ll make friends from all over the world.

And that’s not all, because Istanbul is also a city of gustatory discoveries. Imagine yourself enjoying a simit (Turkish bread sprinkled with sesame seeds) on the banks of the Bosphorus, or feasting on an authentic kebab far removed from those we know in Europe. And then there’s raki, the national drink that locals particularly enjoy on long evenings. And for those with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend the baklava and loukoums available in some of the small traditional shops. And for those who like to party? The city offers a unique nightlife experience: imagine a mix of Eastern and Western sounds, in clubs overlooking the Bosphorus. In short, an internship in Istanbul is much more than just a professional experience. It’s a total immersion in a rich culture, in a city that lives night and day, where every street corner tells a story, and where the encounters you’ll make will enrich your life far beyond what you could ever imagine. So, are you ready for adventure?

Internship in Ankara

Ankara, unlike its cosmopolitan sister Istanbul, is the political heart of Turkey. It’s not for nothing that it’s the country’s capital! And do you know what? It’s a city with a lot more to offer than you might think at first glance. Far from the constant hustle and bustle of Istanbul, Ankara offers a more authentic and tranquil experience.

The first thing to do / see? It’s going to jump out at you anyway: Atatürk’s mausoleum, Anıtkabir. A place steeped in history, you’ll learn who Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was, founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey, who died on November 10, 1938. Then, if you’re like me and like to stroll through the old quarters, head for Ankara’s citadel. The view over the city is just… wow!

Night owl and clubber at heart? Head for the Kızılay district. There you’ll find plenty of great bars and clubs. If you’re more into the chill-out lifestyle (Set & Match if you know it), take a leisurely stroll to the Çankaya district. Relaxed coffee, comfortable background music and a tranquil ambience abound. Feel like heating up your credit card? Are you the king/queen of shopping? Grab your sneakers and stroll the shopping streets of Atatürk Orman Çiftliği.

Let’s talk about the things that matter: The food. Ankara has its specialties too. Try the grilled mutton in a local kebab! Of course, you’ll also find all the classics of Turkish gastronomy that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. A word of advice: find yourself a good local restaurant, and let yourself be guided by the chef’s recommendations.

As in Istanbul, the locals are super-friendly. You’re likely to be invited to drink (Turkish) tea or coffee in their homes. The capital is a student city, and the universities here have excellent reputations.

Whether it’s Istanbul, Ankara or any other part of Turkey, this destination is a treasure trove for anyone looking for a rich and memorable internship experience. Turkish cities not only offer you immersion in a history and culture thousands of years old, but also give you the opportunity to evolve in a dynamic professional environment. From the friendliness of the locals and the delicious local cuisine, to the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the history, every day in Turkey is a new adventure waiting for you. And don’t forget, every experience, every encounter and every memory you gather during your internship will help shape the person you’ll become tomorrow. So put on your sneakers, grab your backpack and get ready for this incredible Turkish adventure! If you’re interested in doing an internship in Turkey, you know what you have to do: click here. And if you’ve got any questions, we’ll answer them here.