After your internship in Tabulistan, are you still looking for adventure? Head for an internship in Wakanda! You’ve already been to Mali or Senegal for your internship, and you don’t feel like exploring Kenya or Uganda? Wakanda brother, I tell you! Let’s go, for your internship in Wakanda.

“Wakanda doesn’t exist”
Yesssai, thank you Mr. Encyclopedia! And the dodos either? Unfortunate, read then the fantastic animals to see that IF, it exists: we Muggles can’t access this knowledge, but if dodos exist. And so Wakanda, why not? Go there, and you’ll see. For your information, even if you type Wakanda on Google, you can locate the country, so pouët pouët camembert!

Wakanda, what a beautiful country
Yeah, yeah, mgl! Wakanda, not only is it on the most beautiful continent in the world, but you’ll also have access to technologies that are too stylish its mother (or father, it’s up to you). And if that’s not enough for you, doing an internship at Wakanda is still the opportunity to discover the most stylish place on Earth, with incredible people, some of whom are such badass warriors that even Chuck Norris is still hesitating to try his luck at the thumb battle.

Why write an article about Wakanda?
Because we’ve already fallen IN LOVE of the country. And I’m not saying that because guys are super muscular with oiled bodies or chicks wear clothes so short that Shakira looks like a nun. No, Africa, at International Horizons Agency in France, we’re fans. Whether it’s an internship in Mali, an internship in South Africa, Wankanda, Senegal or Zambia: go for it baby, we’re here to propel you for your internship abroad!

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