Internship in Mauritius, the African paradise. Your dream : going on an internship in Africa but you do not know where, the economic and political context on the African continent brakes you in your researches. Why not be tempted by the calm and beauty of Mauritius, an African paradise. You are not convinced? We will give you excellent reasons to take you out of your couch to discover Mauritius!

Enjoy without breaking the bank

Who told you that going on an internship to Mauritius was reserved for the better-off? You can live well without having to empty your bank account.

Fine eater, come taste the typical dishes of the island

How can we talk about Mauritius without mentioning its tasty and spicy cuisine. The fried mille, the fried rice, the Mauritian sandwich, the boiled pistachios, the Dholl puri or the Farata will revive your taste buds.

Come and rock to the beat of peaceful waves and mesmerizing dances

Going on an internship to Mauritius is : assured tranquility, no stress, it is not in the temperament of its inhabitants. Rest on the hot sand, sip a cocktail and then go on a hike on the typical music of this island.

A wonderful island that will dazzle you

Volcanic island,you will forget the stifling air and the greyness of the city thanks to its landscapes. You can finally breathe! But do not worry, you will not wake up with a piece of lava on your doorstep. The volcanoes are asleep.

Go to meet the warm Mauritian people

Mauritians are known for their kindness and generosity, you will have no trouble in your company during your internship in Mauritius.

Fana golf, Mauritians will guide you to go play for hours. It even seems that they hold one of the most beautiful golf courses!

Internship in Mauritius, the African paradise. Leaving for an internship in Africa? Do not hesitate, contact us and fly away !