BTS CI internship in Scandinavia: Hello friends! We know that finding an internship abroad is not easy. Even less if you don’t really know where to go. How about a little trip to the Nordic countries?

An internship in Norway
In addition to being renowned for having very good working conditions, doing an internship in Norway would allow you to discover a total change of scenery with its unique architecture, the fjords and the Northern Lights! However, beware of the available budget. If Norway is one of the most attractive countries, it is also one of the most expensive. If you wish to do your internship in Norway, we will make sure that you have the resources you need to flourish.

An internship in Sweden
This time the budget is being cut a bit, still a bit expensive, but not as much as Norway. Don’t worry if you’re worried about the budget, the International Horizons team will help you get scholarships! The working world in Sweden is different from France. Doing an internship in Sweden would be a great opportunity to discover a completely different way of working. And don’t forget that Swedish people are usually very good at English!

An internship in Denmark
Same speech as for Sweden concerning the budget, but don’t worry, we will share with you our little tips to reduce the cost of your experience in Denmark.

Denmark: Land of peace and love. Seriously, if you think there’s not a single unhappy one! This country exudes benevolence. Denmark may be the smallest Scandinavian country, but it has many tourist attractions. Its capital, Copenhagen, could be described as a metropolis combining modern design and historic castles. Ma-gni-fique!

And if you want to do your internship in Scandinavia, contact the Team!

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