Doing a BTS CI internship in Southern Europe: and why not! HI takes you on a tour of the possibilities in Southern European countries.

Why do your BTS CI internship in Southern Europe?
BTS CI internships are short: between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on whether your degree is distance learning or face-to-face. And, as we all know, it’s the only way to find an internship abroad. International Horizons has the advantage of 1) finding you your internship 2) according to your language level 3) to follow you during your internship, that you are not confined to watching, but an active member. And, doing your internship in Southern Europe has a significant advantage: short internships are not paid, so you might as well do it in a country where the standard of living is lower. You will be able to save a kidney to finance your internship mobility in Southern Europe, and that’s good.

BTS CI internship in Slovenia
Yes, Slovenia! Unknown to the general public, this destination is nevertheless hot. It’s not really expensive, it’s very safe, in short, we’re a fan. Moreover, the country offers many opportunities for prospection and has a very developed foreign trade on the Balkans. Then, Slovenians are known to be very welcoming, affordable, patient and to have an excellent level of English. Tested and approved!

BTS CI internship in Italy
No, Italy is not expensive, as long as you go south of Rome or to the east coast of the country. What’s more, Italians don’t demand a level of English that breaks the ceiling, so it’s easier to integrate for those whose level of English deserves to be significantly improved. Let’s go for your BTS CI internship in Italy, direction Foggia, Bari or Naples.

Internship BTS CI in Spain
The condition is to speak at least a little Spanish: enough to understand the instructions. But once this condition is met, there are many opportunities for BTS CI internships in Spain! Double advantage of Spain: you will be able to work in two languages at the same time, and enjoy the beaches and the sun during your internship abroad. Outside of Barcelona, the country remains very affordable for most scholarships. And, you have direct flights from France to most cities.

BTS CI internship in Greece
Despite a complicated economy over the last 10 years, Greece remains in the top third of the world’s economies. And, it has a large foreign trade: a lot to Germany and the Balkans, but globally. The country is vast and offers a wide range of opportunities, both in food processing, services, import and export etc..

BTS CI internship in Portugal
And you don’t even have to speak Portuguese! The country benefits from many local products, for export; not only port and citrus fruits. The opportunities for internships in prospecting are therefore just as numerous. And living in Portugal is really not expensive: the country attracts many French startups who want to settle in the capital to save money, but also retired people.

BTS CI internship in Malta
One small drawback: the legislation concerning internships is very opaque. A company can have one employee for every 100 trainees, so that’s no surprise. It is therefore imperative to take a good look, beforehand, at the notices on the internet etc. We only work with regular and verified companies in Malta to overcome this problem.

Internship BTS CI in Croatia
Last country of blog “BTS CI internship in Southern Europe”. Croatia is not just a copy of Ibiza in summer. It is a Balkan country that has seen its economy boosted by tourism since it joined the European Union in 2013. There are many opportunities, especially in the pharmaceutical field.

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