Ireland could benefit from the UK’s departure from the European Union (an internship in Ireland for you, young student?). The opportunities are important: attractiveness of foreign capital, investments, … To the detriment of the United Kingdom, which is seeing its capital flee. The fact that Ireland has an attractive tax system (corporate tax rate of 12.5%, while in France it is around 33%) and is still part of the EU is a huge advantage over its British neighbour.

Land border between Northern Ireland and Ireland
The thorny question of the Brexit case! Will the border be handed over? In any case, the lack of a border between the two Ireland is a vital issue: once at war, the 1998 Sellers’ Peace Agreement helped to calm tensions. (Your internship abroad can be done there without risk of certain death!). Today, 40% of businesses depend on supplying companies on the other side of the border. The Brexit could destroy trade between the 2 Ireland, but also rekindle community tensions between Protestants and Catholics. To be continued .

Will an internship in Northern Ireland still be possible?
For the moment everything is still possible, the United Kingdom has not yet officially left the EU. An international internship is still possible! And in Ireland, you’ll still have no worries. However, if the UK does leave the EU, institutions will need a special status to be eligible for the different sources of mobility. One can assume, however, that in order to get your Visa, a certain ease of access will be kept to avoid losing a large part of their international students.

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