Let’s go, let’s play it like Nouvel Obs this morning: a bath of clichés, a catchy title like jaja, and here we go to answer an essential question that every parent and student has to deal with: an internship abroad is expensive? Of course, if you want to go to Australia, in the middle of the season, I personally advise you to have a French minimum wage to spend per month: the status of intern is non-existent in Australia, you have little chance to be paid and life is expensive. But, if you’re thirsty for adventure without ruining yourself, if you want to get away for a quality internship abroad: bravo buddy, you’re in the right place!

An internship abroad is expensive because of the airplane.
Let’s start by talking transport, because when I hear this aberration, I get a headache. Worse than if I were forced to listen to the complete Maitre Gims duet by JUL & Hanouna. To tell you how much you break my little heart. So, no, it’s not expensive to travel: for less than 50€ return you can go anywhere you want in Europe! Of course, if you do it at the last minute, it’s going to be complicated. But two months in advance is enough. How is that good enough? Skyscanning is the key.

An internship abroad is expensive because of the housing…
No, no, no, there is no limit to the clichés! Housing is expensive in the Nordic capitals, in London, Italy. But in other European countries it’s much more affordable than in France, you’ll save money if you leave for a few months! And, if you want to go to an expensive country, we still have the solution! Open a new tab, and go to the talktalkbnb site: we won’t tell you more, but it’s free, which is the main point of this article.

An internship abroad is expensive because of the local living conditions.
Pomme c, Pomme v: same as before, France is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, along with the Scandinavian countries and Italy. So you can go anywhere else. And, if, once again, you want to be a family hipster guy and go to the North of Europe, we have a lot of good plans. With your student card, we know a few schemes for discounts in Finland, or Italy 😉

So, let’s take stock of this nice article that you’re about to share with your friends, your srabs, and your friends’ friends : 50€ return, free accommodation. So, expensive or cheap the internship abroad? As Patson said in 2007: this is a gift my brother!

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