How to do an internship abroad, without speaking english ? With International Horizons, nothing is impossible. Your language level is not so high ? You can still go abroad.

Which destination (s) to choose?

You have to know that many countries abroad have a touch of Francophonie. Some French entrepreneurs have decided to start their business abroad, as in Thailand for example. The International Horizons team offers several destinations where English is not a drag like the Netherlands, Taiwan or the Scandinavian countries.

You can also decide to speak another language

While English is the universal language,there are so much other languages. You can also decide to speak Spanish. Spanish is a wonderful language spoken in many countries in the world! Spain, Mexico, all countries of South America except Brazil, ect … Do not focus only on English because you have many other choices.

You can take local courses !

As you’ve probably understood, companies are increasingly demanding an excellent level of English. At least being bilingual. So you have to progress if you do not have the required level in English! Moreover, you will get in touch with local people, and this is the jackpot ! Also, please do not stay with people from your country. This is a mistake that a lot of travellers use to do !

You only need to have the will

Not being able to speak English is one thing, but not moving forward is another. You just have to take courage and have the motivation to learn English quickly. Once started, you can not go back! And you will necessarily grow up.

Need information for your internship abroad ?

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the requests for internship abroad, you can contact us and we will answer your questions with pleasure! 🙂