Whoa, kid! Still hesitating about your internship abroad in Mexico? And yet, doing an internship in Mexico is so great. Far from clichés, the internship is not limited to discovering Tequila or an urban guerrilla war! Mexico is a land of hope, where a thriving economy allows the country to obtain a good growth index, and make the populations evolve towards a future that is healthier than ten years ago. “But then what is an internship in Mexico, my son? “you’ll tell me. And I would answer you: go ahead Alphonse, ttttttchu, I’ll tell you everything there is good to know here, without spoiling you.

Is it safe to do an internship in Mexico?
It’s a thorny question that haunts many students, teachers and especially parents. So let’s settle for three points. One, you rarely hear about an ERASMUS kid who died in Mexico in a gang war.

2, there are areas to avoid, which are considered to be at risk. And for that, International Horizons has a real expertise: we have a correspondent on site who takes care of placing the trainees in viable companies and secure areas.

Finally, but here it is more a question of common sense than advice. When you’re in Mexico, you avoid walking around with a great watch and euros overflowing out of your pockets. That way, there’s no reason to tempt a potential attacker. You should not forget that, despite the very strong improvement of the Mexican economy, some areas are very poor. Not wearing an ostentatious sign is not only to protect oneself but also to respect the local population, quite simply.

Doing an internship in Mexico is SAFE! Either you go through International Horizons by contacting us; and if not, we advise you to visit the website of the French Ministry of the Interior, and to take feedback from testimonies on the internet. They are legions! Viva Mexico!

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