Latvia in all its states! A country still unknown to the general public and mass tourism, this country nevertheless has some major surprises in store and is doing very well. With an enthusiastic and optimistic population, Latvia is – let’s admit it! – our favourite Baltic country. So why is it so ideal to do an internship abroad in Latvia? Why do we insist on schools to introduce them to this splendid country during a cultural stay? Answer here darling. GO!

Latvia – characteristic architecture
The capital, Riga, has a Parisian look with its Haussmann-style buildings. Allure only because Latvia is a timeline in itself, where you can contemplate the whole European History! Art nouveau, neo-classical, Soviet … every street has its surprise!

Latvia – the country of 100 years
2018 will be the year of Latvia’s 100th birthday, and many celebrations are organized for the occasion, from the traditional songs that make its Baltic popularity to the techno festival that will thrill the city! This destination is THE European destination not to be missed in 2018 for an internship abroad or a cultural stay, if you want to experience the Baltic dynamism and popular jubilation.

Latvia – a European lesson
Latvia has lessons to teach Europe and the world. Of the almost two million inhabitants that Latvia has, 14% are Russians and 1/3 are so-called “non-citizens”, understand stateless. Wallou. Nevertheless, this small country is one of the countries with the fewest numbers of racial aggression, proof that we can live together. Like Slovenia, to take a cultural slap in the face, and a bowl of tolerance and appeasement: we strongly recommend it!

Latvia in all these states, we won’t go any further: we don’t want to spoil your visit and spoil your discovery of this sumptuous country! Another significant advantage: flights are direct from France, very inexpensive, and, top of the pop: you can visit Estonia and Lithuania just a stone’s throw away! So, to discover, in group or solo, Latvia through an enriching professional experience, it’s here, with us.

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