Learning a language for free, and easily, is now possible thanks to Moving Languages! A very nice initiative funded through the ERASMUS + scheme.

Why is Moving Languages great?
First target audience: refugees. Nowadays, integration is very difficult for refugees, and the first barrier – if we exclude people’s apprehension – remains language: no more worries with Monving Languages! You can download it for free, and learn more than 20 languages like French, Spanish, Swedish, English etc. with it.

For parents. Our generation is lucky enough to be able to travel a lot: the democratization of the plane, the opening of borders, the trivialization of mobility are all factors that allow us today to have a correct level in foreign languages. Many of us are fortunate to have at least a command of English, and often a second language, either thanks to school or family origins (Thank you Mamie!). And for the parents, it’s more complicated: they can now learn the language they want for free and at their own pace thanks to this app!

Is Moving Languages easy to use?
Yes, and yes again! I’ve downloaded the app and, quite frankly, anyone can do it. The design is simple and effective, adapted to people who may have vision problems. And good news, the Moving Languages application is available on IOS and Androïd! Learning a language for free is now easy!

What impact can Moving Languages have?
But so huge! The potential of Moving Languages is really huge: for refugees struggling to learn a language, for students struggling on an internship abroad or for parents who want to travel. This application is simply unbelievable.

You can find out more about the whole project here: http://movinglanguages.eu/

I very sincerely welcome the initiative taken by Learnmera, Best, Media Creativa, Idea, Folk Universitetet, Heriot Watt University, not forgetting the European Commission, which is funding this project through the ERASMUS + programme! If you are wondering what the 0.80 cents per year, per Frenchman, given to Europe each year is used for: remember this project!

Download the app, it’s completely free! 🙂 Let’s specify that International Horizons doesn’t touch anything to spread this app, it’s just the pleasure to share with you an excellent initiative: see you soon on the International Horizons blog, the blog for internships abroad, which will help you progress!

If you want to read more, go there 😉